Monday, November 7, 2011

Yearly Check Ups

It is that wonderful time of year again.  Yes, check up time for the boys and I.  The fun it all carries for us getting looked, vaccines, and flu shot or mists.

All 3 boys were seen today and have had the flu mist.  All are in great health and growing good.  Nicholas could stand to be a bit more active.  Caleb and Nicholas each had to get a shot as well.  Caleb for only being 6 was so brave and no tears.  Nicholas, 13, thought the world was ending.  LOL!  I am so blessed to have very healthy boys that rarely get sick.

Tomorrow morning is my turn and with that the hope that the next year will be much better medically speaking.  I am still healing from my sinus surgery, but that is all going very well.  My ankle is better and I am still working to get it stronger so I don't have trouble in the future.  The Serotonin Syndrome is at bay I believe.  It will be a time to plan and figure out where to go.  What medicines to continue, which ones to stop and can I start vitamins again? 

I know with being down and not as active when I do something I flare much easier.  Now that I have been feeling a bit better I am trying to accomplish things around the house that no one has really helped with.  Trying to get the boys to help with things like bending over that are difficult, but they are stubborn and do not want to help.  So I am attempting small steps everyday and forcing myself to do something.

I hope we can plan for me to keep on the path of feeling better and get focused back on my Fibromyalgia, Depression, and Anxiety so I can get this all back under control. I hope when this happens I can get back to "my normal".  I won't have the energy and the ability to do what a lot of others do daily and I will have limitations, but now is the time for me to try and take back my life and get my health on the right track.  It has been a long year of one aliment after another and I look forward to good health once again.

I hope other then another few follow ups with the ENT my doctor's visit will be the last one for a while.  I am sure the flu shot will knock me down, but not nearly as much as the flu would.  I will be getting back to some medicines to feel better, and probably routine blood test which I will expect to come back normal as a positive thought and if not I will tackle it, but hoping for the best so I can move on to dieting and exercise and a sense of well being.  That is all I want.

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