Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Simple Things Hurt

Today is an extremely bad day.  Every part of my body aches, as well as my 2 month sinus infection I am having surgery on Friday.  It is even hurting to type today, so I feel this post is important so those of you who suffer with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain know you are not alone.

I need to be preparing for surgery by doing laundry, packing an overnight bag for my boys, and cleaning up what I can.  Yes house is still in chaos as floor is not done.  Instead I am in bed hurting so bad.  I can't even take medicine for the pain as all I can take is Tylenol and that won't even touch a thing until my surgery. 

At least today is not a high powered day.  I only have to get one son to football practice and the another to Scouts if he behaves.  I may have over done it yesterday, but I don't feel like I did all that much.  At least not as much as most moms do daily, especially working ones.  I know this sinus infection is beating my body down.  Sad when you start to look forward to surgery and get more excited each day closer you get.  Though I know it should make me feel better.

At this point today I am not sure what I can do to relieve the pain.  Only thing I really can do is rest and maybe use some heat.  I may search to see if I can find something else to do without medicine.  I just feel like a loser and a bad mom and wife lately as I been flaring and sick.  I can't even get a few loads of laundry done to pack my boys today.  Maybe tomorrow or I will have to some how make them wash the stuff themselves.  It would be better if they would help instead of being little boogers.

Suffering like this is terrible.  Many just don't understand.  I post on Facebook, Twitter, my blog here and the like and I am sure many just think I am whining, but I am venting it out as not to put on my family as much.  Trying to decide if I can ask hubby to grab Jacob for football, but that puts him out and they may be late.  Then I feel guilt.  I don't win either way.  I am sure you understand this if you are in this position. 

I have learned over time to take the time for myself though.  If I don't it just gets worse and worse and then I never get where I can do anything.  So if you are suffering, make it as much as possible a you day.  Every mom needs them, some just need them more then others.