Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Laundry Items to Help

I am finding a few products that I like to help with laundry.  My first is the Purex 3 in 1 sheets.  They wash, soften, and prevent static cling in the dryer.  I thing for multiple uses.  Also makes shopping easier as it is no heavier the a box of dryer sheets.  With Fibromyalgia I find little things like this a tremendous help.  http://www.purex.com/products/detergents/purex-complete-3-in-1
Another product that is new on the market I received a sample from Vocalpoint.com is Downy Unstoppables.  We all know when you leave laundry in the washer it will start to smell.  I have used it only once so far to remove the smell from clothes left in the washer, though it is meant to be used in as a regular additive.  I used it after not being able to get back to get clothes in the driver because I hurt too  much.  I ran it through a very short wash and everything smelled great, even better then rewashing so it is another new thing for me for those time I just can't get back to it or get the boys to switch it over for me.  Check out Vocal Point (http://www.vocalpoint.com/unstopablesblogger?memberid=77A7D8E0-B7C3-4943-AD45-F51C7735F170)  for more information on this product.  I find a lot of new products I find useful by being a member of this site and being able to test products.  Just another way of finding things to help me with my Fibro and to pass along for others.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alcohol Causes Flare

Ok, we all know that Alcohol is probably not the best for us as a regular part of our diet except maybe an occasion glass of red wine or such.  Well a holiday weekend has come and gone and I indulged a bit.  A bit more then normal.  Two days later I am still feeling the lethary and achiness.  I am assuming it is that and a lack of hydration, plus a weekend of camping and being more active them normal.

Did not get to sleep extra today to catch up as I had an eye appointment to replace glasses our dog, Tucker chewed up.  Trying to get the boys to take care of clothes.  Sort dirty, put away clean.  You would think I am pulling teeth without anethesthia.  I feel bad that I pushed it a bit much.  I don't feel I am asking too much for taking them to the camper.  At least we don't have to pack up a lot with a seasonal site. 

Also my anxiety is sky high.  Not sure  why.  Is it because I drank a bit more them I should have?  Am I getting anxious about my ankle surgery?  Good or bad.  The anxiety makes me hurt more.  Seeing a new doctor for that as my other being a student has moved on to the next level.  Maybe that is it. 

Since I am down and out today and the boys don't want to listen I am hoping I can get a nap and maybe make them too, or at least have them watch a movie or something quiet and relaxing so I can.  I have a lot to prepare for this week, but the rest of today needs to be very low key I think so I can accomplish everything else that needs to be done before surgery on Monday. 

Have you had a few drinks and paid the price with a flare and anxiety?  I would love to hear your input.  I don't drink much, but we had a small gathering at our camper so we kicked back a bit which sometimes you have to do even though you know there are consequences.  Love my friends and needed the break, but next time I also need to dial it back a bit.