Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Laundry Items to Help

I am finding a few products that I like to help with laundry.  My first is the Purex 3 in 1 sheets.  They wash, soften, and prevent static cling in the dryer.  I thing for multiple uses.  Also makes shopping easier as it is no heavier the a box of dryer sheets.  With Fibromyalgia I find little things like this a tremendous help.  http://www.purex.com/products/detergents/purex-complete-3-in-1
Another product that is new on the market I received a sample from Vocalpoint.com is Downy Unstoppables.  We all know when you leave laundry in the washer it will start to smell.  I have used it only once so far to remove the smell from clothes left in the washer, though it is meant to be used in as a regular additive.  I used it after not being able to get back to get clothes in the driver because I hurt too  much.  I ran it through a very short wash and everything smelled great, even better then rewashing so it is another new thing for me for those time I just can't get back to it or get the boys to switch it over for me.  Check out Vocal Point (http://www.vocalpoint.com/unstopablesblogger?memberid=77A7D8E0-B7C3-4943-AD45-F51C7735F170)  for more information on this product.  I find a lot of new products I find useful by being a member of this site and being able to test products.  Just another way of finding things to help me with my Fibro and to pass along for others.

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