Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mammogram Part 2

Even though I did not think it would happen, it did.  I was told to possibly expect it, but I way trying that positive thinking thing.  Needless to say I have a call back for more images and a possible ultrasound.  It seems relatively normal with your first one as they have nothing to compare to.

I am a worrier so having to go back in for another mammogram has me stressing out just a bit.  I was told by the technician, friends, family, nurse, etc., that this happens and not to worry.  So now I freaked out, cried, and got my body even more knotted up, I think I am now looking at it a bit better.  I know me, I will worry, but will try to keep it under control.

If for any reason they have found something it is best to know and get treatment.  If you catch things early they you have a good chance of a successful recovery.  I know people who have put off getting things checked and did not make it, and those that got in early and were cured. 

I got back December 15th for the follow up so I would assume if they were too worried I'd be in sooner so I am taking that as a good sign.  I have to do this, because I have three boys who need their mom and a husband who needs his wife.  So by taking care of myself I am taking care of my family.

My First Mammogram

Yesterday I had my very first mammogram.  I was concerned it would hurt as many had told me they would.  I was fortunate as I did not feel it really hurt, just a bit of pressure.  Or I should say the mammogram part did not hurt.  The positioning especially on the second view did.

The part that hurt was due to my Fibromyalgia.  I am really spasmed in a few spots and one is my shoulders especially my left one.  To get into the position they needed me in to get the image it pulled on that area.  By time I got home it was time to pull out the Vicoden and take it.

Even though I took Vicoden again before bed I was still awake a lot from the pain in my shoulder.  It is really hurting today.  I would like to take pain medicine, but I am avoiding it if at all possible.  I just hate being a Zombie, plus Jacob, our middle guy, came home sick from school so I want to be alert to take care of him.  My boys comfort comes before mine whenever possible and necessary.  Part of being a mom and especially a mom with Fibromyalgia.

I am a firm believer in doing health screenings and I am not trying to discourage it.  What I want is for you to plan for any possible flares.  If possible don't go for your mammograms when you are flaring like I did.  Also plan to rest afterwards as it may stretch your muscles and make them ache.  Do what your body needs to prevent and/or recover from a hard task.

Mammograms are extremely important to have done whether or not there is a family history.  Most breast cancers and other conditions have no family history.  Just try and make the experience the best you can for yourself and others. 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Week 2011

Most people a very busy week prepping for Thanksgiving.  I am pretty lucky as I don't have to cook dinner.  We are going to Ed's sisters and she has asked me to bring a sweet potato dish.  I have a very easy recipe that even my father in law likes and he doesn't like much so I am making that.  I am sure one or more of my boys will help me too.  I will also probably grab a bottle or 2 of wine to take, though if you have Fibromyalgia you should go easy or avoid.

I came off a very stressful weekend with my 2 youngest boys.  Jacob and Caleb were handfuls on Saturday.  We were suppose to go out for a very dear friend's birthday and we were going to allow Nicholas to babysit.  He has been showing a bit more responsibility and we want to show him we noticed.  Well we had to cancel as Jacob and Caleb would not listen to me at all and were out of control, so of course I could not leave them with Nicholas and it was too late to find another babysitter.  This stressed me out and made me feel so guilty and depressed to the point I could barely move.

Sunday was pretty much spent in bed in pain.  Waking up Monday was even worse.  To help me I treated myself to a massage.  It was a Therapeutic Massage so it did the Myofacial Release and Trigger Points.  The therapists was great.  Thank you Meagan at Sacred Touch Massage Therapy in Brooklyn, MI.  I could barely drive there and turn for the curves, but on the way home I notices a huge difference.  I did the ice, drank the water and such they told me to do to promote healing.  Yes I was and am sore, but it is a different pain and I can move.

Today is still a day of mostly relaxing for me as I am still healing from the massage.  I am still sore in the areas that were really worked hard.  Though I am trying to do laundry as that is a good job on a down day as I can do it in spurts.

I am a Black Friday shopper and I yet know what time I will be out.  This is why I am taking care of myself so much this week as I go with friends every year and have gone every year since I have know my friend Tonya, so something like 17-18 years.  I don't want to let them down and miss out.  I also know I will need a few days of recovery after words.  It will throw off my sleep and the trudging around stores and carrying packages will take a toll, but this is one of those things I do for emotional well being even though I will probably pay physically for it.  Mental is as important as physical well being and many articles I read state that  We need time with friends and family.

So over the next few days I am just doing a few things I must, taking care of my body, and preparing for spending time with my husband's family for Thanksgiving and my Black Friday shopping trip.  I have some gifts bought, ordered, or know what I am getting.  Will be setting down with boys and making a Santa list and a list I can tell family and friends they want. 

So remember whether you are hosting Thanksgiving or going to visit family of friends don't push your body too hard, get good rest, and enjoy.  Happy Thanksgiving and even though we have Fibromyalgia look for the important blessings in your life.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Letting Down Nicholas

Yesterday was one of those hard day with Fibromyalgia and surgery recovery.  I have to let down Nicholas our 13 year old son.  Out of the blue I got a severe headache.  The type pain medicine does not do much for.

Nicholas had a Boy Scout Troop Meeting last night, and there was no way I could drive with the headache I had, plus I did end up taking pain medicine to bring it into a bit of control.  We attempted to find a ride for him, but since it was opening day of Deer Hunting Season here in Michigan many of the boys were out in the woods hunting with there dads.  So I hope he did not miss too much.

Nicholas was great.  He really sounded sincere when he said it was OK and that he understood, but as his mom I did not think it was OK.  I felt terrible as he has really been trying to be good and do as we ask of him.  Plus Ed, dad and hubby, is working extra crazy hours this week so he couldn't help and take Nicholas either. 

I have also been having a lot of overall pain the last fee days so Nicholas is helping with his brothers some.  It is so hard to have to have him do this.  I mean once in a while is fine and expected, but lately  I have had a hard time.  I am flaring a lot easier and I know a lot is because I have not been as active and now we are getting into colder weather and in Michigan it can be warm one day and really cold the next this time of year.  That is no fun with Fibromyalgia.  It is also affecting my sinus comfort as I am still healing.

Now I just got home from my ENT doctor and he did a Nasal Vacuum on my sinuses. The numbing medicine is wearing off and I am beginning to have that wonderful headache again.  I have prepared by stopping at the store and buying Pasties (Jacob has been asking for them) so they can just be popped in over.  As much as I don't want to be a Zombie I am thinking I may need to, hence again Nicholas will need to help a bit with things. 

It is so hard to live with this and have to lean on my family, especially my boys.  I am so far behind on everything.  I am tired of the pain, and I am sure they are tired of taking care of me.  I know it affects my guys.  I know my husband Ed understands, and possibly Nicholas.  I am not so sure about the other two.  I try not to feel guilty as it feeds the pain and depression and then a vicious cycle starts, but it is hard not to.  I just try to tell myself there are others a lot worse off and we all have our challenges.  For me this is mine.  Balancing a painful, energy zapping condition with everything else in life.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday shopping is on us.  Some are done, some are just starting, and some have done nothing as of yet.  I am trying to get organized and make a shopping list to make life easier.  When you have Fibromyalgia it is important to try and make life at the Holidays as easy as possible.  I am looking at ways to do that.

First thing that I think is important is to make a list of who you must buy for.  Next is great to surf the Internet for ideas.  I also try to keep a list going all year not only for holidays but for birthdays and such.  When possible I try to buy if I see something during the year, but if not possible I add to list.  Right now that is what I am doing, seeing what is bought, who I have to buy for, and looking for ideas, which includes sitting down with my 3 boys and making lists.

For my boys we make 2 lists.  One for Santa and one other I can give ideas to other or use myself.  I like being able to just go in and grab.  I also limit the boys to no more then 3 items to ask Santa for, though unfortunately I think I have 2 boys that no longer believe.  This way I don't have to beat the payment looking for too much.  I also hope it is teaching them not to be too greedy.

Over the years for financial reasons and the lack of ideas we have cut from our gift buying.  I think it would be great for everyone to look over there lists and see where you can cut.  You need to make life easier.  I would much rather focus on family and friends then stressing on gifts.  That is really how we all should be looking at the holidays.  I know a day of shopping will put me in bed for days, so if I really don't need to get a  gift I talk to those people and explain why not to buy for one another.  I try to maybe make plans for a lunch or something.  Spending time together is much more important then gifts.

I am also this year trying to shop locally some.  Using the small unique shops close by that I can stop in real quick and not a huge shopping trip.  There is a large push to help the economy buy using these places and since they are small and in the area where you already are it is not a huge drawn out process to pop in and look for gifts, and you are supporting your community and friends.

Another thing I am doing is checking with my friend that do crafts.  I am looking at purchasing homemade items and such.  A lot of this is either locally or online.  Again an easy way to shop and usually the gifts are much nice then some mass produced items.  Most of the time it can be custom made to exactly what you want.  So think of buying from your friends that are crafty.  I know I already have a few items to purchase that are homemade and all I need to do is order and it will be delivered to my door.

I hope some of the tips and ideas I have came across and have thought of to try and make Holiday shopping easier helps.  Please share any and all tips you have learn to do while trying to take the pain and stress out of your Holiday shopping.  It is great to help one another.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friend, That's What Matters

I am very happy that my dear friend, Kathy has come to visit.  She is only up from Florida for one day, but I get to spend the day with her and her kids.  I miss her terribly since we were basically living across the field from one another till this past summer.  She will also be back for Thanksgiving so I should be able to see her then too.

I love all my friends dearly.  I am very blessed to have them in my life whether they are friends from when I was a little child or friends I have recently met.  Some are only online so far, but they support me as much as the ones that are local. 

I find you need at least a few good friends you can rely on in life no matter what.  That don't judge you and accept you for who you are.  They pick you up if you make a mistake and help you fix it, not get mad and storm off and disown you.  Those friends are what help make a person happy in life.  I am blessed to have so many that are like this.

My friends understand my struggles with Fibromyalgia, raising my boys, making a home with my wonderful husband.  They help when needed even if not wanted.  They know I need it, and make me accept it.  They accept me entirely for who I am, not what I do or do not have.

So make sure you find yourself a few good friends, at least one, that you can rely on and lean on when you needed.  Then return the favor when they are in need.  This is what life is all about.  Family and friends.  Nothing else really matters.  With this you can get through your struggles with Fibromyalgia or any other struggles you face day to day.  I know it helps me.  Thank you to all my wonderful friends.  I love each and every one of you.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Doctor Appointment Easy

Well, all the stress and anxiety awaiting my doctor's visit was pointless.  It was a very easy appointment.  Since I am on the 3 year plan for pap smears I did not have to endure that torture.  No blood work needed as I had that done in the summer when I was combating the Serotonin Syndrome.  Only thing that was not fun was the flu shot.  Well nothing is really fun, but I am sure you know what I mean.

Everything is finally looking good.  Still a bit of healing and I need to lose weight as I gained back everything I lost a couple of years ago, but that is what happens when you are down for so long and M&M's keep ending up the house.  LOL!  My weight loss and exercise goal is to start after the first of the year.  I need to finish healing and I know myself well enough to know that the holiday season is not a good time to start a weight loss program.

The flu shot was rough.  It was only a little prick, but it sent pain up to my neck.  With that and the things I did yesterday I am flaring today.  A flare from the shot is much better then a flare from the flu and the flu so get you shot or mist.  I had to get the shot because of my sinus recovery.  Everything is starting to really hurt so I will be taking Vicoden and resting.  I did take care of errands and got dinner into crock pot so my family can eat and not have to fend for themselves too much. 

I hope through the Vicoden fog and flaring I can get some more done this evening as I have a friend flying in for 2 days.  If not I pray my boys will help, but they haven't been cooperative at all lately.  Fortunately my friend knows how our house has been and loves us for us and will help if she can.  Just more important to take care of me so I can enjoy our time together.

So finally after a year of one ailment or another I finally feel things looking up.  At least in the health area.  We raised my Cymbalta back up to the level I was on before all the Serotonin stuff so I hope some of the aches and pains will be better and also as I get more active again will help as long as I remember step by step and not to push too much.  I am very happy with today's results.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Yearly Check Ups

It is that wonderful time of year again.  Yes, check up time for the boys and I.  The fun it all carries for us getting looked, vaccines, and flu shot or mists.

All 3 boys were seen today and have had the flu mist.  All are in great health and growing good.  Nicholas could stand to be a bit more active.  Caleb and Nicholas each had to get a shot as well.  Caleb for only being 6 was so brave and no tears.  Nicholas, 13, thought the world was ending.  LOL!  I am so blessed to have very healthy boys that rarely get sick.

Tomorrow morning is my turn and with that the hope that the next year will be much better medically speaking.  I am still healing from my sinus surgery, but that is all going very well.  My ankle is better and I am still working to get it stronger so I don't have trouble in the future.  The Serotonin Syndrome is at bay I believe.  It will be a time to plan and figure out where to go.  What medicines to continue, which ones to stop and can I start vitamins again? 

I know with being down and not as active when I do something I flare much easier.  Now that I have been feeling a bit better I am trying to accomplish things around the house that no one has really helped with.  Trying to get the boys to help with things like bending over that are difficult, but they are stubborn and do not want to help.  So I am attempting small steps everyday and forcing myself to do something.

I hope we can plan for me to keep on the path of feeling better and get focused back on my Fibromyalgia, Depression, and Anxiety so I can get this all back under control. I hope when this happens I can get back to "my normal".  I won't have the energy and the ability to do what a lot of others do daily and I will have limitations, but now is the time for me to try and take back my life and get my health on the right track.  It has been a long year of one aliment after another and I look forward to good health once again.

I hope other then another few follow ups with the ENT my doctor's visit will be the last one for a while.  I am sure the flu shot will knock me down, but not nearly as much as the flu would.  I will be getting back to some medicines to feel better, and probably routine blood test which I will expect to come back normal as a positive thought and if not I will tackle it, but hoping for the best so I can move on to dieting and exercise and a sense of well being.  That is all I want.