Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mammogram Part 2

Even though I did not think it would happen, it did.  I was told to possibly expect it, but I way trying that positive thinking thing.  Needless to say I have a call back for more images and a possible ultrasound.  It seems relatively normal with your first one as they have nothing to compare to.

I am a worrier so having to go back in for another mammogram has me stressing out just a bit.  I was told by the technician, friends, family, nurse, etc., that this happens and not to worry.  So now I freaked out, cried, and got my body even more knotted up, I think I am now looking at it a bit better.  I know me, I will worry, but will try to keep it under control.

If for any reason they have found something it is best to know and get treatment.  If you catch things early they you have a good chance of a successful recovery.  I know people who have put off getting things checked and did not make it, and those that got in early and were cured. 

I got back December 15th for the follow up so I would assume if they were too worried I'd be in sooner so I am taking that as a good sign.  I have to do this, because I have three boys who need their mom and a husband who needs his wife.  So by taking care of myself I am taking care of my family.

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