Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Share and Educate

I feel it is really important to educate those that are close to you about your chronic conditions be it Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Depression, or any other chronic condition you suffer from.  Without educating your family and friends they cannot begin to understand what you are going through and why you may be acting a certain way.  It is easy to find information on any condition via the Internet or asking your doctor.  It may even be good for them to find a support group to help the learn more and be able to talk with other who support loved with chronic conditions.

I decided I needed to blog about this after last night.  I had what I call a meltdown.  Everything came pouring out.  I was crying, babbling, and in a very scary spot for those around me.  My Fibromyalgia, anxiety, panic attacks, and depression got the best of me yesterday.  I was even so dizzy I fell back into the closet door and bruised my back.

Last night when I calmed down and such I vented some on Facebook so I did not put as much on my family, though my husband, Ed, was right by me during the whole episode.  After all the concern from friends and then Ed checking in on me today because he was worried I realized just what I put everyone through.  When I worry and scare my husband I know it was bad as he is not a worrier.  Yes the opposite of me.

I have read articles about talking with family and friends about your conditions.  I have had Ed and Nicholas, my oldest son read a few that are for the support people of a person suffering from the conditions I suffer from.  But after I chatted with my husband I have decided he needs to learn more not only to be educated, but to help me when I have these meltdowns.  They need to learn during this period of emotional breakdown I am having I need to be loved, understood, and not pressured to be something I am not.  These are real conditions and something we cannot snap out of and for me it usually will affect me for a few days after the episode.

So while we focus on ourselves, which is extremely important it is also important to sit down and talk to those that care about us.  Find information from Internet articles, books, or taking them to the doctor with you if you are comfortable with that.  They need help understanding what we go through on a daily basis.  We also need to be considerate of their feelings.  Communication is the key to helping everyone have the best information to help with each others needs.  Please check my link section for some areas to start, then branch out on what is specific to you personally.  Also please feel free to share links in the comment section.  Let's help each other while helping those we love understand.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taking Charge

It is time for me to take charge of my health so I can feel better, be the wife and mom, and friend I want and need to be.  My in laws are now gone and I am going to start my better lifestyle any day now.  Eating better and some sort of exercising is on the agenda.

I am also looking at going up to the University of Michigan to their Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain Clinic.  This was suggested by the psychologist in the doctor's office I have been seeing in the stress clinic.  So I will get a referral from my primary doctor and get some help from some experts in the area.  This is something I should have done quite a while back.

I am also trying to journal and keep track of feeling, pain, and anything whether it is good or bad.  Even if it is just the date and time and one word describing how I feel like tire, pain, happy, or sad.  This way I can look back and see how I have been doing overall.

I have also been told to set a daily affirmation.  So when I wake up I tell myself at least one thing I will do that day.  It can be as simple as I will get up and shower or that I will wash at least one load of laundry.  The important thing to do when doing this is to set your affirmation that you know you are going to be successful at so you have the uplifting feeling of at least one accomplishment a day.  Usually if it is a chore or something like that once I get it done I will do more, but be careful not to over do it and end up in a flare.

I am still working on this twitching.  My doctor decided to cut my Cymbalta in 1/2.  I am still twitching, but I can't tell for sure but I think it may have lessened.  Not by amount but by intensity.  It still scares me, but maybe I need to go off all serotonin stuff for a bit and hope I can deal with my anxiety and depression.  Or maybe it is some of the things I have been doing to reduce stress.  Either way, I will keep at it till gone as it really makes my body hurt and it prevents sleeping until I drop.

I am searching the web for a good lifestyle of food.  I order the Paleo Diet book last night as I am looking to cut out preservatives, dyes, etc.  I want to eat more natural.  I know a lot about what is what, but I want to learn more so I can maybe still buy some prepared foods for those bad days or busy days and I am going back to a lot more cooking from scratch.

Yoga is a huge thing I am looking into.   One place that is actually not too far away from me has added a second day so I think I may try a drop in class and see if it is for me.  Since I have Fibromyalgia I need a class where you go at your own rate at one day I can touch my toes, but the next I may not be able to.

I am hoping by doing some of these things I will be able to keep up with my boys better, keep house up better and most important feel better.  I suggest you try some of these things along with me and let me know how it helps you.  I have been reading a lot online about sensitivities and Fibro Flares.  If you have something to add, I would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Times have been tough.  Too much going on and I have been having constant pain that is more then normal.  I have not yet figured out if it is stress, weather, or just a normal flare that is a bit worse then normal.  The past week has been a lot of bed time and doing nothing.  Fortunately my sister in law and family are still here and have picked up my slack.  Not sure how all this is going to work when they leave.  I hope now things are starting to get back together, my guys and I will be able to keep it up.

Today I forced myself to go out to dental offices to sell handpiece repair service (  I am working for a friend.  It was an almost impossible task today.  I have aches and pain where I don't normally have them, I think maybe from this twitching going on.  Saturday I have to make myself go to a vendor show where I am premiering myself as a Lindt R.S.V.P. Chocolate Representative (, the dinner with friends for their anniversary.  Hoping I will be at least a bit better by then.

I am going to have to figure out this pain and supposedly the in laws will be leaving by the end of the week. No more getting dinner made and help with the boys.  That part has been wonderful. They took off the wallpaper in the Kitchen and Dining Room and painted it a nice cheerful color and help out a lot with getting the house in order.  Just the office and part of our room is left.  Thank you Ken and Ronni.

I never know when to call the doctor for the pain and when to tough it out.  The biggest thing right now is the twitching.  I think it is exhausting my muscles and causing the pain. My doctor has upped my Klonopin to 3 times per day and has me doing a stress clinic through the office.  It is great and I got lot of great ideas, but with so many in the house not much me time for mediation and the like.  I do have some "homework" I could get done, but with the pain it is hard.  Just typing is hurting so journaling and making a plan to take care of me has been hard, but it is something I must do and want to do.  I suggest everyone do this not only to keep track of your pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia, but it can be a great release and as for the plan to care for yourself can't hurt.

So I will rest and see what I can do to feel better, but each day I intend to work through the pain some and do small tasks, and in small steps.  I feel keeping going without over doing it is always your best bet.  I am starting to take charge of my life and with fibromyalgia there may be down times, days, or weeks, maybe more, but it is a must to keep like going at a pace that you can handle.