Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Times have been tough.  Too much going on and I have been having constant pain that is more then normal.  I have not yet figured out if it is stress, weather, or just a normal flare that is a bit worse then normal.  The past week has been a lot of bed time and doing nothing.  Fortunately my sister in law and family are still here and have picked up my slack.  Not sure how all this is going to work when they leave.  I hope now things are starting to get back together, my guys and I will be able to keep it up.

Today I forced myself to go out to dental offices to sell handpiece repair service (everleyhandpiecerepair.com)  I am working for a friend.  It was an almost impossible task today.  I have aches and pain where I don't normally have them, I think maybe from this twitching going on.  Saturday I have to make myself go to a vendor show where I am premiering myself as a Lindt R.S.V.P. Chocolate Representative (www.mylindtchocolatersvp.com/shannonkurgin/), the dinner with friends for their anniversary.  Hoping I will be at least a bit better by then.

I am going to have to figure out this pain and supposedly the in laws will be leaving by the end of the week. No more getting dinner made and help with the boys.  That part has been wonderful. They took off the wallpaper in the Kitchen and Dining Room and painted it a nice cheerful color and help out a lot with getting the house in order.  Just the office and part of our room is left.  Thank you Ken and Ronni.

I never know when to call the doctor for the pain and when to tough it out.  The biggest thing right now is the twitching.  I think it is exhausting my muscles and causing the pain. My doctor has upped my Klonopin to 3 times per day and has me doing a stress clinic through the office.  It is great and I got lot of great ideas, but with so many in the house not much me time for mediation and the like.  I do have some "homework" I could get done, but with the pain it is hard.  Just typing is hurting so journaling and making a plan to take care of me has been hard, but it is something I must do and want to do.  I suggest everyone do this not only to keep track of your pain and other symptoms of fibromyalgia, but it can be a great release and as for the plan to care for yourself can't hurt.

So I will rest and see what I can do to feel better, but each day I intend to work through the pain some and do small tasks, and in small steps.  I feel keeping going without over doing it is always your best bet.  I am starting to take charge of my life and with fibromyalgia there may be down times, days, or weeks, maybe more, but it is a must to keep like going at a pace that you can handle.

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