Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Taking Charge

It is time for me to take charge of my health so I can feel better, be the wife and mom, and friend I want and need to be.  My in laws are now gone and I am going to start my better lifestyle any day now.  Eating better and some sort of exercising is on the agenda.

I am also looking at going up to the University of Michigan to their Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain Clinic.  This was suggested by the psychologist in the doctor's office I have been seeing in the stress clinic.  So I will get a referral from my primary doctor and get some help from some experts in the area.  This is something I should have done quite a while back.

I am also trying to journal and keep track of feeling, pain, and anything whether it is good or bad.  Even if it is just the date and time and one word describing how I feel like tire, pain, happy, or sad.  This way I can look back and see how I have been doing overall.

I have also been told to set a daily affirmation.  So when I wake up I tell myself at least one thing I will do that day.  It can be as simple as I will get up and shower or that I will wash at least one load of laundry.  The important thing to do when doing this is to set your affirmation that you know you are going to be successful at so you have the uplifting feeling of at least one accomplishment a day.  Usually if it is a chore or something like that once I get it done I will do more, but be careful not to over do it and end up in a flare.

I am still working on this twitching.  My doctor decided to cut my Cymbalta in 1/2.  I am still twitching, but I can't tell for sure but I think it may have lessened.  Not by amount but by intensity.  It still scares me, but maybe I need to go off all serotonin stuff for a bit and hope I can deal with my anxiety and depression.  Or maybe it is some of the things I have been doing to reduce stress.  Either way, I will keep at it till gone as it really makes my body hurt and it prevents sleeping until I drop.

I am searching the web for a good lifestyle of food.  I order the Paleo Diet book last night as I am looking to cut out preservatives, dyes, etc.  I want to eat more natural.  I know a lot about what is what, but I want to learn more so I can maybe still buy some prepared foods for those bad days or busy days and I am going back to a lot more cooking from scratch.

Yoga is a huge thing I am looking into.   One place that is actually not too far away from me has added a second day so I think I may try a drop in class and see if it is for me.  Since I have Fibromyalgia I need a class where you go at your own rate at one day I can touch my toes, but the next I may not be able to.

I am hoping by doing some of these things I will be able to keep up with my boys better, keep house up better and most important feel better.  I suggest you try some of these things along with me and let me know how it helps you.  I have been reading a lot online about sensitivities and Fibro Flares.  If you have something to add, I would love to hear from you.

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