Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Working From Home May Help With Your Job

Many people with Fibromyalgia find it hard to work a regular job. If you are having trouble getting into the office or working the long hours it may be time to start thinking of ideas to earn an income out of the box. Here is a link for a very dear friend of mine who is a writer.
Kelly has helped many people see the potential of Work From/At Home Jobs. If I had not met Kelly I may not have my position as and administrative assistant with Avon. She coaxed and coached me into asking others for an opportunity to work from home. I chose to sell Avon as I love the products (purchase at and because of Kelly I asked my manager shortly after I started if there was ever anything needed in the District to keep me in mind to help.
Shortly later she had me make a few phone calls for demostration items. Then Avon changed its policy on administrative assistants. They could not do Leadership and be in this position due to the sensitive material we deal with. A spot opened up and I have been an admin. for 4 years now.
This was a great move for me. It is not a huge amount of money, but my hours are flexible and I work with great representatives and managers. My position is mainly from home and I have been very lucky that the managers I have worked with understand my condition of Fibromyalgia. For me being an administrative assistant is much more of a fit then Avon sales. I do sell, but not a whole lot as I took a step back to help others. It is the balancing of family, friends, and work. For me I chose the admin. work, where you may have chose sales and Leadership.
This is only my story of working from home. If you start networking you could too. If you work outside the home, the first step may be talking with your boss. Talk with family and friends. Just keep asking and networking and at some point it will pay off. You do need to be careful online. There are many get rich schemes out there. A job is a job and you will work, but your can work around your pain, family schedule and be in the comfort of your home. If you are offered a job and they ask for money, sorry that is not anything but a scam. NEVER pay for a job.
You won't want to whine about your fibro to your boss or potential employer. Let them know what you can for them. You will probably be more productive if your job is something that can be done at home as you will feel better because you can take care of yourself better. A short nap if needed, comfortable clothes verses suits and dress shoes.

What can it hurt to start asking if this is something you want to do? You may be turned down, but keep at it and it will pay off if you truely want to work from home. I did and I don't regret one moment.