Monday, July 9, 2012

Heat Wave 2012

Here in Michigan the 100 degree temperatures have finally ended as of yesterday Sunday, July 8th.  Most of the United States has been or is still under the heat wave.  For most people it is hot and somewhat uncomfortable, for us with Fibromyalgia it is at a higher level.  With Fibromyalgia we don't adjust as well to changes in temperatures especially extreme ones.

Many of you probably feel hotter then others around you, sweat more, and are just more miserable.  As it affects our bodies it affects our mood as well.  We feel guilty as we may be flaring and not able to make dinner, do laundry and other chores.  We may also not be able to participate in other activities and  have to just sit and watch or be left at home by ourselves, which causes us to become depressed and feel worthless.

For me I was miserable with the heat.  I was sweating way more then I normally would, though some of my medicines cause that for my Anxiety and Depression.  I just felt gross.  I would get where I felt sick no matter how I tried to cool off.  I even started drinking Powerade Zero.  I have never liked these beverages, but need to try anything to feel OK.

Now for my Fibromyalgia, other the exhaustion it was not too bad and that may have just been the heat.  Now yesterday we had our front move through with cooler temperatures in the 80's and that is when my back went into spasms and to touch me anywhere hurts.  It is probably a change in the temperatures as it was dramatic and the barometric meter readings may change.  That is the pressure in the air.  

Yesterday I medicated for the pain.  I have not yet done so today, but am thinking I may have to as I can barely move.  I am also tired as the pain kept me awake as i don't like to take the pain medicine with my nightly medicines.  Something I need to check with my doctors on as far as any interactions.  

Hopefully this is the biggest change we have to go though this summer.  I am not sure what we can do to help the Fibromyalgia symptoms in the heat, but will be doing research especially when I see temperatures looking to rise again.  For now if you are still in the part of the country that is part of the heat wave still, drink fluids, rest a lot, and try to be in air conditioning.  Don't over exert as it will hurt you later whether you have Fibromyaglia or not.