Friday, January 27, 2012

Helping In-laws, Burden or Not

It has been a very interesting start to 2012.  We have had my sister in law and her family move in with us temporarily until they can get their income tax and move back to Florida where Ken, her husband will be able to find work since he does sprinkler systems.  I was really stressed out before they got here about how we would all get a long and deal with a total of 6 kids between us, but it has not been bad at all.

One good thing about them being here is they are really helping out.  Ronni and Ken have been a blessing getting our house back together after the tile project that took forever.  I am starting to feel at home again and that I can enjoy our home.  They have been doing the deep cleaning that I struggle with and may never have got it all done.

Another great thing is that I have really got to spend some good, quality time with our nephews Blake and Garrett and our niece Chloe.  It is nice because the boys have never spent time with us.  Chloe is spending time back and forth between us and my other sister in law.  Chloe was a big part of our life when she was little and it is hard to believe she is 17 and almost grown up.

I am still physically in pain all the time and the twitching started back up and the doctor thinks this time it is stress.  It started before everyone moved in so I know that is not the stress causing all the twitching.  I will be going to the stress clinic in the doctor's office for starters at least.  It is kind of scary and as many of you know that with Fibromyalgia along comes anxiety.  My SIL is keep me in good spirits and keeping me from hiding in bed all day wallowing in self pity.  Yet another good thing.

So the worry about helping out family and taking them in has not been an issue, at least not as of yet.  It is actually a kind of blessing in disguise.  We are helping each other and that is what family should be.  I am very blessed to have a great family and great in laws.  I think I will really miss them when they move on, but I know it will be good for us both to stand on our own.