Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Week 2011

Most people a very busy week prepping for Thanksgiving.  I am pretty lucky as I don't have to cook dinner.  We are going to Ed's sisters and she has asked me to bring a sweet potato dish.  I have a very easy recipe that even my father in law likes and he doesn't like much so I am making that.  I am sure one or more of my boys will help me too.  I will also probably grab a bottle or 2 of wine to take, though if you have Fibromyalgia you should go easy or avoid.

I came off a very stressful weekend with my 2 youngest boys.  Jacob and Caleb were handfuls on Saturday.  We were suppose to go out for a very dear friend's birthday and we were going to allow Nicholas to babysit.  He has been showing a bit more responsibility and we want to show him we noticed.  Well we had to cancel as Jacob and Caleb would not listen to me at all and were out of control, so of course I could not leave them with Nicholas and it was too late to find another babysitter.  This stressed me out and made me feel so guilty and depressed to the point I could barely move.

Sunday was pretty much spent in bed in pain.  Waking up Monday was even worse.  To help me I treated myself to a massage.  It was a Therapeutic Massage so it did the Myofacial Release and Trigger Points.  The therapists was great.  Thank you Meagan at Sacred Touch Massage Therapy in Brooklyn, MI.  I could barely drive there and turn for the curves, but on the way home I notices a huge difference.  I did the ice, drank the water and such they told me to do to promote healing.  Yes I was and am sore, but it is a different pain and I can move.

Today is still a day of mostly relaxing for me as I am still healing from the massage.  I am still sore in the areas that were really worked hard.  Though I am trying to do laundry as that is a good job on a down day as I can do it in spurts.

I am a Black Friday shopper and I yet know what time I will be out.  This is why I am taking care of myself so much this week as I go with friends every year and have gone every year since I have know my friend Tonya, so something like 17-18 years.  I don't want to let them down and miss out.  I also know I will need a few days of recovery after words.  It will throw off my sleep and the trudging around stores and carrying packages will take a toll, but this is one of those things I do for emotional well being even though I will probably pay physically for it.  Mental is as important as physical well being and many articles I read state that  We need time with friends and family.

So over the next few days I am just doing a few things I must, taking care of my body, and preparing for spending time with my husband's family for Thanksgiving and my Black Friday shopping trip.  I have some gifts bought, ordered, or know what I am getting.  Will be setting down with boys and making a Santa list and a list I can tell family and friends they want. 

So remember whether you are hosting Thanksgiving or going to visit family of friends don't push your body too hard, get good rest, and enjoy.  Happy Thanksgiving and even though we have Fibromyalgia look for the important blessings in your life.

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