Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My First Mammogram

Yesterday I had my very first mammogram.  I was concerned it would hurt as many had told me they would.  I was fortunate as I did not feel it really hurt, just a bit of pressure.  Or I should say the mammogram part did not hurt.  The positioning especially on the second view did.

The part that hurt was due to my Fibromyalgia.  I am really spasmed in a few spots and one is my shoulders especially my left one.  To get into the position they needed me in to get the image it pulled on that area.  By time I got home it was time to pull out the Vicoden and take it.

Even though I took Vicoden again before bed I was still awake a lot from the pain in my shoulder.  It is really hurting today.  I would like to take pain medicine, but I am avoiding it if at all possible.  I just hate being a Zombie, plus Jacob, our middle guy, came home sick from school so I want to be alert to take care of him.  My boys comfort comes before mine whenever possible and necessary.  Part of being a mom and especially a mom with Fibromyalgia.

I am a firm believer in doing health screenings and I am not trying to discourage it.  What I want is for you to plan for any possible flares.  If possible don't go for your mammograms when you are flaring like I did.  Also plan to rest afterwards as it may stretch your muscles and make them ache.  Do what your body needs to prevent and/or recover from a hard task.

Mammograms are extremely important to have done whether or not there is a family history.  Most breast cancers and other conditions have no family history.  Just try and make the experience the best you can for yourself and others. 

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