Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Alcohol Causes Flare

Ok, we all know that Alcohol is probably not the best for us as a regular part of our diet except maybe an occasion glass of red wine or such.  Well a holiday weekend has come and gone and I indulged a bit.  A bit more then normal.  Two days later I am still feeling the lethary and achiness.  I am assuming it is that and a lack of hydration, plus a weekend of camping and being more active them normal.

Did not get to sleep extra today to catch up as I had an eye appointment to replace glasses our dog, Tucker chewed up.  Trying to get the boys to take care of clothes.  Sort dirty, put away clean.  You would think I am pulling teeth without anethesthia.  I feel bad that I pushed it a bit much.  I don't feel I am asking too much for taking them to the camper.  At least we don't have to pack up a lot with a seasonal site. 

Also my anxiety is sky high.  Not sure  why.  Is it because I drank a bit more them I should have?  Am I getting anxious about my ankle surgery?  Good or bad.  The anxiety makes me hurt more.  Seeing a new doctor for that as my other being a student has moved on to the next level.  Maybe that is it. 

Since I am down and out today and the boys don't want to listen I am hoping I can get a nap and maybe make them too, or at least have them watch a movie or something quiet and relaxing so I can.  I have a lot to prepare for this week, but the rest of today needs to be very low key I think so I can accomplish everything else that needs to be done before surgery on Monday. 

Have you had a few drinks and paid the price with a flare and anxiety?  I would love to hear your input.  I don't drink much, but we had a small gathering at our camper so we kicked back a bit which sometimes you have to do even though you know there are consequences.  Love my friends and needed the break, but next time I also need to dial it back a bit. 

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