Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fall is Creeping In

Wow, summer is flying by really fast this year.  It was so hot and humid in July you could hardly be outside here in Michigan.  Now August is here and you can smell fall on the horizon.  Not only in the air, but all the fall time activities are starting up even though it is about 3 weeks give or a take a few days till school is back in.

Around our household it is all about football right now.  My baby Caleb is playing his first year of flag football.  Jacob is on his second year of tackle.  We are on the fence if we are making Nicholas play.  That decision must be made by this evening.  I am thinking yes as the attitude is taking a new level.

I have spend most of July up to now recovering from surgery on my ankle.  That has been a blessing, even though I am once again healing slower then normal, and we have had to put of physical therapy until September.  I am just so happy to be on the path to getting it better.  I knew going into to it that my Fibromyalgia would probably slow my healing just like when I had my gallbladder out, but surgery is the first step to being able to walk again.  It will be a year in October since it was sprain the first time with multiple since and since it was not getting better I knew surgery was the option.

I think my boys are ready for school to start up even though not a single one will admit it.  I know I am.  I miss a set schedule.  I also hope that I can get my house in order some with them at school and football practices, but even though my husband, Ed is coaching both teams for the two younger boys I may still have to do the running back and forth to get them there.  But I won't have to stay, as their practices are in another town next to us.  I can come back and get them dinner ready.  Through the fall though it will be taking up 4 evening and Saturdays for about a 1/2 day.

Right now I am trying to see what the boys need for school clothes.  I have asked them to clean up their clothes so I can see what fits and doesn't.  Though I am not holding any breathes there.  I have told them no new clothes if not done.  I am sure they each have some and for September and part of October unless winter blows in early they will wear shorts so no real rush except shoes and maybe a 1st day of school outfit.  Our budget is tight from all the things that have happened in the last year or so.  They will only get what they need probably and that truly is better for us all.  Makes me keep up on laundry and less mess they can make.

I am looking forward to fall.  It is my favorite time of the year.  Weather is usually nice until the end.  Though it is sad to see summer going, especially as fast as it has seemed to have gone.  Before I know it I will be cold and hurting more, but I would miss the seasons changing if I lived somewhere they did not change.  So time to move forward to the stage of this year, embrace what is coming, and get my life on track once more.

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