Saturday, November 20, 2010

Who is Who in the Kurgin Family

Wondering who I am, and why I started this Blog?  This is an introduction of myself and my family.  You will learn a bit about each of us and please ask questions if you want to learn more.

I am Shannon.  I have been married to my wonderful husband Edward (Ed) since October 1995.  We have 3 great boys.  I have stayed at home since 3 weeks before Nicholas our oldest was born.  I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom.  I also started working from home 5 years ago as an Avon Representative.  Shortly after starting the adventure with Avon I was able to take on the roll of a District Administrative Assistant with an Avon Manager.  I absolutely love helping others be a success.  Recently I also took on a position of appointment maker for a local health insurance agent.

Edward as I call him, Ed as most others do, is my husband.  I love him dearly.  He is very support of me and my challenges and successes.  He is a Robotic Weld Tech, which means he programs and repairs welding robotics for a company that supplies parts to car companies.  Edward is a wonderful dad as well.  He always makes times for the boys and I  even when working 14 hour days.  I could not be married to a better man and the boys could not have a better dad.

Our first born is Nicholas.  He is now 12 years old and one very smart, stubborn kid.  He is a self proclaimed nerd (I guess it is cool to be one now).  He loves school and his career goal is to be a Physicist.  He could definitely do it if he applies himself.  Nicholas does like to take the easy road though at times and we do tend to butt heads.  Many say it is because we are alike.  He is very involved with Boy Scouts, Builders Club, and does do some sports.

Jacob is number 2. He is 8 years old and in 3rd. grade.   He is hard to explain at times.  He is definitely all boy.  Rough and Tough.  Jacob scares me terribly as he seems to have no fear.  He is extremely active.  Loves to run and play.  Jacob is not one to sit still.  He would rather be out playing sports then a lot of other things.  He is also extremely smart.  He wants to go into the service when he is older.  Even though he is not lovey, dovey, he would be the one that would stand up for me first and foremost.

Our baby is Caleb.  He loves the role of being the baby of the family.  Caleb is a lot like Jacob.  A boy to the core.  Hard to believe we were told he was a girl and he came home to a pink room and clothes.  Caleb is a snuggler and loving little boy.  He is also a football and sports fanatic.  He cried when the Olympics were over as he loved watching them.  When we watch sports either on TV or when the boys are playing he knows the rules, much better then I do, and calls out corrections.  Caleb started Kindergarten this year so it is my first year home alone all day in 12 years. 

We also have pets that are considered family.  We have 2 cats.  Ate' is a Siamese and almost 18 years old.  She has been with me ever since I moved out on my own.  Ellery is our other cat.  I rescued her when I was doing an Avon Appointment.  She was stuck up in a tree.  Ellery means top of the tree.  Tucker is our newest addition.  He is an almost 6 month Border Collie.  He has almost as much energy as the boys.

As a family are biggest thing we like to do is camp.  We have a seasonal campsite and spend most weekends there during the summer.  It is a little getaway for us.  We are close and love spending family time together.  If we actually get a chance to be home and not running from thing to thing we like to curl up, watch movie, and have what we call snacky dinner. 

We all believe family and friends come first next to God.  We try to be a morally sound family and are always working on making sure we live by values we feel are important.  Without family and friends you are poor no matter how rich you are.  This is The Kurgin Family in a nutshell.

I started this blog as a way to help others.  I am no expert on Fibromyalgia other then that I live with it.  I want to share my experiences living with Fibromyalgia especially as it relates to being a mom and wife.  I define myself as a mom and wife and it is what I want out of life.  Fibromyalgia makes it a struggle to be the one I want, but as I learn, I know I can be.  Some days the house will be a mess, but my love for my family will be there and that will get us through everything.


  1. Nice to meet you :) Thanks for sharing your story!!! I too have Fibromyalgia and the only way to really learn is to listen to stories from those who suffer with it. With each other's support we learn to live with Fibro and not let it define who we are!!!

  2. Thank you for the nice comments and I is great to meet you too. I am so sorry you have Fibromyalgia. It can be very tough. I want to do more here to help, but am flaring right now, but hope to get a post done in a day or 2 in regards to this flare. I am not an expert. Just a mom, wife, daughter, friend, etc. trying to make the most of life even when it knocks you down.