Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Got a Boot, And Not the One I Wanted

October 23rd. was going to be a great night.  Going to a friends for a Halloween Party.  Had a babysitter for the boys.  Was going to sit back and have some much needed fun with friends.  That is exactly what I did.  Then it was time to leave.

We said our goodbyes and proceeded to head out the door.  As I was taking a step off the porch I was being warned about the step.  It was a different length down then typical.  The warning came as I was already in the process of stepping.  At that point not sure what happened.  Did I twist it or just step too hard?  Whatever, it was hurt.  Not thinking too much about it we headed home.  I do this kind of stuff all the time.

The next morning I was swollen and bruised on the ankle and foot.  Ok, I sprained it again.  Wrap it up and stay off it for a few days.  Saturday night was the party and by Tuesday the bruising was spreading so I go to the doctor.  Diagnoses, sprain, stay off.

As of today it has been 17 day and it is worse then ever.  Went back to doctor, got new set up x-rays this time including the foot as well as the ankle.  I was sent to a medical supply store to get a walking boot.  To get it on correctly the make it hurt more.  Now I have this lovely thing to where, wait on x-ray results, and start physical therapy next week.

All the hobbling is through my back off and I am feeling a flare coming on.  I hope I can keep that to a minimum.  I want to get back to normal.  The boys think this is a free for all.  Not only can mommy not go after them like normal, which isn't too well, now she can't at all.  Choas is only getting worse for now.

Sad part is I have been looking for a pair of boots I like and will fit me.  Today I got one.  Only one and it is ugly.  Not at all what I had in mind.

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