Monday, November 8, 2010

Fibro Fog Strike Again

This is a little story that happened to me during the fall.  This represents some of my days dealing with Fibromyalgia and the Fibro Fog.  
Fibro fog makes you think you are losing your mind. You can’t remember a thing.  You are easily distracted and no longer can multitask.  I had a wonderful memory.  I never needed a calendar, though  I kept one around just in case.  Now I can be looking at my calendar and forget to do something.  Yes it can be that bad at times.
Today, for example I have been thinking it is Thursday all day when in actuality it is Tuesday.  Kept thinking of the stuff I had to do then and then realizing I did not have to do it for 2 days.  I had it in my mind it was my day to pick up my oldest son Nicholas and his friend from football practice being my day to drive and all.  I was settled in at home with the 2 younger boys and my husband was on his way home.  Bright idea came.  I’d call him and have him grab the boys. 
I get on the phone with Ed.  I ask him to pick up the boys from practice on his way home.  He reminds me that it was not our turn to drive and again that it is Tuesday. 
This is just one of the many DUH moments I have a day.  My mind seems to have slipped completely away.  Maybe it is the busy schedule, maybe it is the medicines I take, but the term Fibro Fog ( a cognitive problem that causes forgetfulness, lack of concentration, and trouble learning things) that many of us with Fibromyalgia use seems to be the perfect description. 

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