Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Want to Skip Christmas

We all have up and down years for the holiday season.  Some have it much worse then others.  I am blessed I have a family and great friends to celebrate with, but last year I was suffering from Gallbladder attack, thinking it was my Fibromyalgia.  This year I have a severe sprain ankle that I am wearing a walking boot because of that is throwing my walk off and hence my back and sending me into flares if I am up too much.

I am really in the Bah Humbug mood this year.  Only decorations I have put out this year is a tree.  I don't feel like shopping at all and even if I don't have a lot to buy I love watching others doing their shopping especially last minute.  I find it hilarious.  Baking may also not happen again this year.  Though I really love sugar cookies made the way my mom made them when I was a kid so I hope to get the energy for them at least.

If if was just me or Ed and I this would all be OK.  It is not just the two of us.  We have 3 boys who are growing so fast and I feel that they are missing out on some of the fun of the holidays because of me.  My boys love baking the cookies and helping decorate.  One thing I did do this year is let them help decorate the tree, which in the past I would not let them as I collect blown glass ornaments.  I felt bad about everything and they are older now so I let them put on the ones that were not "special" to me. 

This time of year drags down the most energetic person, but if you are suffering with Fibromyalgia it is so much worse.  One day of shopping, if you can do the whole day, can put you down for a week.  Baking and standing in the kitchen is so hard.  The running between family and friends is fun and you want to see them, but it takes a toll. 

People with Fibromyalgia really need to learn to choose what is most important when it comes to the Holidays.  Pick a few things that really are special to you at the holiday and focus on that.  Try to eat well and take care of yourself, though I am a firm believer in enjoying food and drink at the holidays, but in between events try to do the good things your body needs.  Lots of water and healthy food. 

Don't procrastinate or you will feel overwhelmed.  I am there right now.  Bills must be paid first so I can't get out and buy gifts here and there like normal.  I have decided I am giving gift cards to some this year as I just can't be out there this year.  I may do more online shopping then in the past and I hope by doing short cuts like these I will be able to do those things that are important like baking cookies with my boys.

Part of me wants to just skip Christmas and everything related, but I do know I would miss it.  So instead I hope to take it a step at a time and not stretch myself too far.  Pick the important things and if need turn down certain things.  Remember if you don't feel good you will be no fun so take care of yourself and you will be able to enjoy it with out wanting to skip it all.

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  1. love ya shannon stay strong and take care of yourself. If you need help with anything let me know.