Monday, December 5, 2011

Managing Mornings

Managing Mornings

I found this about article linked above and wanted to share. I think these are great ideas for starting your day off to the right start. I know I cannot just jump out of bed and start my day. I need it to start slowly.

I set my alarm for a few minutes before my boys get up and I have it snooze a few times just to give me time to sort of wake on my own when I have to get up. Fortunately my boys are great at getting ready for school most mornings so I can stay in bed and slowly get moving. I know what they are up to as our bedroom is on the main floor and with the door open I can see the kitchen and dining room. As long as they are doing as they are suppose to all goes well.

Once they leave for school I usually will make coffee and enjoy or if I have to leave I will take a hot shower. All depends if I will be home for the whole day or not. I like being able to have some coffee and eat then take a shower. I will dress accordingly. At home I am comfortable with yoga or pajama pants and tops that won't be uncomfortable. No need to jeans or dress pants that may dig into me.

I do have a heated mattress pad and I will turn that on or jump up and turn up the electric heater. We keep our heat down because we use propane which is expensive. My husband can't have it too warm at night or it makes him cough and flares his allergies so a dual sided mattress pad and our own blankets solve that problem. It is hard to get up into a cold room and it can freeze up the muscle instantly.

So try some of the ideas in the article or some of mine. See if they help you gain a little more control of your mornings and hopefully make your day just a bit better. Fibromyalgia affect so many things we don't think of so every little thing we find is worth a try as long as it is a safe thing to do.

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