Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Review

Christmas is over.  Clean up is beginning.  I can't say that I am all that sad this year that is it over.  Normally I have post Christmas blues, but this year with how I have been flaring and not being able to do all the things I like to do with my boys I am just glad it is over.

After a few days of Christmas get togethers I was pushed to my limits.  Pain and fatigue took over.  Monday was a day of pain medicine and resting especially since even with the meds I was unable to sleep Christmas night because of the pain.

We did bring home our 17 year old niece with us Christmas.  Chloe is going to help the boys clean their rooms properly for me so we can put away their gifts and go through clothes and see what is up there that fits and what does not and can be donated.  This is a big help for me.  Chloe has stayed with us off and on her whole life so she fits in just like the boys except she will help me out.

I plan to at the least have the main area back in shape, tree down, and gifts put away by Friday.  Not too big of a task as long as the upstairs gets done.  Thursday will be a run to Detroit Metro Airport to pick up my friends 2 boys who are flying back from a visit to Florida with mom and her boyfriend.  Nicholas is excited to see Ricky and Michael as they are best friends  and they moved to Charlotte with their real dad so they don't spend as much time together.

Very few returns which is nice.  I think we will do that on Thursday as well before the airport if possible.  Three items is our fault.  One I bought thinking of one Jacob and it was on Nicholas's list, then two "Cars 2" movies as I forgot we had bought one already and then Caleb got one from and Aunt and Uncle.  Jacob needs to exchange a Nerf gun as he got the same one as he got last year.  So thankfully we don't have many to do and many a line to stand in.  Also why I am waiting a few days for the crowds to get smaller.

Now I am looking forward to New Year's Eve with some of my best friends ever.  Hoping that next year I will be healthier and able to do more so I can make great memories for my boys and husband.  Now is time to recover and move one.

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