Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Fibro Christmas Song!

I stumbled on this in an email I receive from on Fibromyalgia.  I thought it was be nice to share and put some holiday humor to our condition.  It is funny to me as it is so true.  I know the pretense is not funny and very serious.  I went shopping all day yesterday with some of my best girls and today is a day of recovery for me.  I am not as bad as I have been in the past, but muscles ache and I want to sleep.

First Caleb our yougest came in to snuggle, then Tucker the dog started barking to go out.  So I go let him out, and he takes off so, for a bit we are trying to call him back in.  Just enough to "wake" me up.  So some coffee, TV, and computer time for a bit.  I am sure a nap to come or at least a day of lounging around.  Probably will work on updating Christmas shopping list and looking for ideas for a first grade holiday party since I took that on.

So read the song.  If you can sing, sing it and sing it loud.  Just a little something to know you are not alone, with just a little humor so I think, though I do have a dark sense of humor.  Hope you enjoy.

A Fibro Christmas Song!
by Kim
Sing to the tune of "Walking in a Winter Wonderland"

Muscle scream can you hear em,
No medication can cheer em,
I'm up all night,
I look a fright,
My Fibro's Flaring from these Holidays.

I decorated a little,
Had to stop in the middle,
My arms just don't work,
my legs started to jerk,
My Fibro's Flaring from these Holidays.

In the livingroom lays the Christmas tree,
It is drying up & it's turning brown,
By the time I start
to decorate it,
the lights will burn the darn thing to the ground.

Later on I'll try wrappin,
But I doubt It will happen,
No wonder why I'm a grouch,
suffering on the couch,
My Fibro's ruining my whole Holiday.

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