Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bridesmaid Duties Love/Hurt Relationship

This past weekend was a lot of fun.  My best friend from high school is finally getting married in May and this past weekend was her weekend.  We had the bachlorette party and bridal shower all in one weekend due to out of town bridal party members.

Saturday night was the bachlorette party.  Besides having a bit, maybe bit too much, to drink I was completely off my sleep schedule.  I don't do late nights often at all as they affect me way too much.  The killer was the dancing though, but my friend loves to dance and I was going to dance with her no matter how much it hurt me.
Sunday was the Bridal Shower.  I know I did not do the majority of the work, but I did everything I was asked and could for it.  Turn out to be a wonderful shower.  By time we left the church after the shower I was barely able to walk.  I helped with all clean up and everything that needed to be done that morning before the shower.  I was happy to help.  Again pushed the body too far.

Now I think I can relax until the rehearsal dinner and the actual wedding.  I know that weekend will do me in.  I plan to rest up before and after just like this one.  Since I got home from the shower till now I basically have been in bed and barely able to walk.

I know this is a lot for my body.  I also know I love my friend and would do anything for her and I feel blessed to be part of her biggest day that I plow through with no complaints to her and just do what I can to help myself through.  The hardest part I can think of now is with a bum ankle how am I going to wear hears to walk down the aisle?  As everything else it shall work out one way or the other.

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