Sunday, April 17, 2011

Extra Long Winter and Sickness

This has been a killer winter all over the United States.  From one storm after another, extreme cold, and many illnesses.  Then you come to my house.  LOL!

Actually winter has been very long here in Michigan, but even though we have had above average snowfall it seems like we have had very little on the ground at any given time.  Where we live in southeast Michigan snow comes and goes.  We joke, if you don't like the weather wait 10 minutes it will change.  We can see every season in one day here.

 Long, dark, cold days wreck havoc on a body with Fibromyalgia.  Cold makes us hurt.  Long, dark days of winter messes with our moods, which can and does worsen Fibromyalgia.  Then of course there is the other wonderful thing winter brings.  Illnesses.  

I think part of my being down so much both physically and mentally is that I have been so sick this winter.  Much more then I ever am.  The biggest thing is I have had strep 4 times or I never got over it.  Four courses of antibiotics and 3 different ones.  We shall see if this last one I am on now kicks it little streptococcus butts out of my body.  It is so bad this time my tonsils touched one another.  If I don't heal they will be doing further testing to make sure nothing else like Mononucleosis.  Really, at 39 years old I get it possibly. 

I know this winter has been so hard on my boys.  They can't get out and run and play.  Mom is crabby and sick most of it, plus the pesky ankle that they may do surgery on now.  They are getting left out much more then I want or like.  Maybe that is why they act so wild at home.  I am lucky they are good out of the house, but everything at home is a battle.  I try not to put too much of my bad stuff on them, but when I can't get out of bed, they don't get the mom they need and deserve. 

I am trying to be better everyday.  Catch up some things that have gone by the wayside, keep my patience in check, and be a mom they need.  I love my family more then the world and hate that so many physical aliments keep me from them.  More support is need to help others like us.  Until then we need to lean on one another and spread the word and get support for Fibromylgia.  As more learn the devastation of this condition hopefully there will be more understanding, treatments, and help for those inflicted.

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