Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break & Letting Boys Down

Feeling like a really horrible mom this morning.  Only a few days of Spring Break left for my boys this year and I have spent so much time in pain and anguish.  Today is a very bad day physically.  I can barely walk from the pain in my lower back and hip, not to mention that stupid ankle that won't heal.

Nicholas is spending a few days at a friends house so he at least is having a bit of fun, but I have the other 2 at home.  We are going to Great Wolf Lodge for a little one night getaway this weekend, but I feel like I have not done anything with the boys because since the weekend of Bridal Party duties I have been so flared. 

It breaks my heart that pain takes so much away from me and the boys.  I would love to get out and do something fun, though outside isn't an option because of the weather, but I am sure I could find something to do if I felt better.  The pain medicines make me sleep.  If I don't take them I am in pain and a grouch.  Either way we don't get good time together.

I love them so much and it hurts to see them not get to do things because of me.  They are not asking to do anything and seem happy watching TV and playing, but as a mom I would like to do more for them to make Spring Break more memorable.  I hope Great Wolf will be that time.  I will plow through that no matter what, but until then I feel as though I am a royal disappointment. 

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