Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paleo Diet Ok'd by Doctor

Today was another doctor's visit.  I went in as a follow up to twitching and the medicine another put me on when my primary was out of town.  Nothing new to report really.  My doctor wants to give me another month to let the medicine work to its fullest potential and see if it is making me tired as I have been having a really bad bout of the sleepy times this week.  Worse then ever.  Could be the medicine, but at the dose it shouldn't be but we all know we all react differently to medicines.

The main theory is that I am still coming off the stress of extra people in the house, even though I did not feel that much stress, the doctors say it is very stressful as routines are changed and we had the stress of helping support them.  Now we are struggling a bit as we catch up and things are breaking, but we will be OK there, just the way life is for everyone.

I am reading up on diets for Fibromyalgia and hoping to get at least myself and hopefully the family to follow on eating in a healthful way.  I know dinner is no option for them if I do the cooking, but would like them to follow a plan to eat better all the time too.  Right now I am in the middle of reading the "Paleo Diet" book that was recommended to be by a friend when I said I wanted to start eating more cleanly.  I had the book with me at the doctor's office today hoping to get in some reading time.  My doctor saw it and told me it was a very good idea and can't really hurt to try.

As we discussed the so called caveman diet, I brought up reading about going Gluten-Free.  He also said that is worth a try.  So I think my goal is to finish reading the book by the weekend, get groceries to support this lifestyle and give it a whirl.  I don't think I have much to lose except a lot of weight and maybe some pain.  That is my hope.  If it makes me feel better it will be much easier to stick to.  I am sure I will have splurges, but they will need to be calculated.

With spring coming I need to start feeling better as our nights will be filled with baseball games and practice, along with a lot of running around.  That on top of my Sales Representative position with Everley Dental Equipment Repair, LLC, and my home based business with Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. I need to have more energy and less pain.  I hope a better eating plan will help.

I also know I need the exercise.  I really want to try yoga and I found a place close by that is 2 times per week, but with baseball and Ed's schedule not sure I can do now, but I think I am going to try to start walking with our dog.  He needs to lose weight too since he is sneaking into the cats food.  I may just start with up and down our private drive and work up from there.  A start is a start and it should be small as not to flare.  Many think oh it is a good day I will do as much as I can instead of pacing themselves.  All that does is backfires and makes you down for a longer time.  Set small goals daily, do them, then rest.

So today I have learned eating better like we did thousands of years ago is a good thing, and that stress reduction in all lives is necessary.  Even if you don't feel stress in our society you are.  Some handle it better then others so never judge a person until you have lived it.

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