Sunday, May 1, 2011

An Easter We Will Remember-Roll Over Crash

Unfortunately, we learned how blessed we are on Easter through a roll over accident.  It was a freak accident.  We ran to Menard's to replace some piping to the sewer to the master bathroom.  After we left we went through McDonald's drive thru.  We had not eaten and were going to Meijer to get Easter dinner since we had made no plans and had nothing at home.

As we were getting on to the highway on US127 in Michigan Center towards Jackson, MI my husband Ed took a bite of a french fry.  He coughed which make the fry go down the wrong pipe.  He was choking, turned blue and passed out almost immediately.  Meantime I am screaming "are you OK" and trying to reach the steering wheel with no luck.  We were off the Highway, hitting a sign and rolling all in the blink of an eye.

Once we stopped I made sure Ed was breathing, which thank goodness he was, but saw blood running down his head.  I quickly checked on all 3 boys.  They seemed fine though scared.  I am trying to keep it together not to scare the boys more.  I start searching for my phone to call 911. 

Immediately some very great people stopped and let us know they called for help and were checking to see what kind of help we need and they were great at keeping me calm.  First responders were there in a few minutes.  Much quicker then I would have thought, though I had no concept of time.  All I can say is thank you to them and I know that is not enough.

The EMS started assessing the situation and us.  My concern was Ed until they were going over things about the boys and I noticed Jacob, our middle son, lips were blue.  They got the 3 boys out immediately and put them in an ambulance and took them to Allegiance Hospital in Jackson.  I was panicked a bit as I was away from my babies, my husband was hurt, and I at this point still had not thought of myself.

Jaws of life needed to be used to get hubby out.  They got him on oxygen right away and were most concerned with him as he had the most severe injuries.  He hit his head and shoulder and had glass in his hand and face.  Once they got him out I managed to crawl over to the drivers side and get out.

The ambulance ride felt long for how far we had to go as Ed was in the back hurt, I did not know the condition of the boys especially for Jacob.  I refused triage until I could be with the boys and make sure they were OK physically and emotionally.  As I walked into the room Nicholas and Caleb were sitting in chairs but they had Jacob on a backboard, which made me really worried.  He thankfully was OK and they were just taking precautions.  They said he was probably a bit in shock and had a possible class 1 concussion, though not physical signs of him hitting his head.

Things finally calmed down.  Our parents started to show up at the hospital.  I needed my mom and dad so bad.  I was finally triage.  They ultrasounded my abdomen as I have a huge bruise and abrasions from the seat belt and they too and xray of my neck as a precaution as it is hurting but with Fibromyalgia I would be hurting no doubt.  I was clear of and major injuries.

Eventually the boys and I were released.  Now I can go check on Ed.  Praying he was fine, which he was.  They did a CAT scan of his head, and they were waiting to take him to xray.  All came back OK and clear.  Major relief for us all.  They went over directions and released him as well. 

We all went home and went to our bedroom and layed down together.  We all counted our blessings and held each other a bit closer.  Friends brought us dinner, the next night another friend came out and made dinner and tried to help Ed with the sewer pipe.  Yes we are blessed with the best family and friends.

A week later we are start to heal at least physically.  I am having trouble getting back to normal.  My lower back and bruised stomach are still hurting quite a bit, but with Fibro I know healing is slower from things I have read and personal experiences like when I had gallbladder surgery. 

I have to give Nicholas, our oldest a lot of credit.  I complain a lot about his attitude and not doing what he should, but this week he really stepped up and helped us as much as possible for a 12 year old boy.  I feel guilty he had to help so much, but we are trying to reward him and hope this helps all around.

I am ready to get back to life, but my body is not.  Tried to do some laundry and it really flared me up around my injuries.  So a few more days of taking it easy and praying to God to thank him for keeping our family safe in his hands.  We were very lucky and I am trying to remember that everyday.  Bumps and bruises will heal, and we still have everyone so nothing could be better.

Below is an article from Channel 6 New out of Lansing, MI.  Should be 3 kids not 2.  Also a few pictures of the truck after the accident.

Truck Flips on Highway

Posted: Apr 25, 2011 10:37 AM EDT
It was a scary morning on the road for one family Sunday as a man driving started to choke, veered off the road and flipped the family's truck over. It happened on northbound 127 between Page Road and East Michigan Avenue. Police say they had to pry open smashed doors to get the driver and his wife out. They were taken to a hospital and treated for minor injuries. Police say two kids sitting in the backseat had their seatbelts on and were not hurt.  

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  1. Wow, Shannon! The truck pictures give me the chills. I'm so grateful you guys are ok and nothing serious. Praying for you to heal and that the pain gets more manageable. I know that's easier said than done!
    You are blessed with friends and family. We have none out here, so if anything happened to us, I'd be screwed! ;)